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We, Subtle Control , are a trusted supplier of unmatched assortment of  Advance Lightning Conductor (ESE). These lighting conductors are used to protect the building in the event of lightning strike. The mechanism of  Advance Lightning Conductor (ESE) uses piezo electric ceramics for the transformation of wind energy into electric energy. Our assortment of conductors is widely appreciated among our clients for efficient performance and durability.
CAPTURE HEAD: Profiled, in alterable & a good conductor, which are structured to generate a forced air circulation at its tip and at its propagation.  
This is treated copper whose upper part has one or more stainless steel ion emitter points.
It is inserted in an insulating sleeve & subjected to floating potential.
They are protected from direct impact by lightning & from weather by the capture head which like pole, is permanently connected to earth potential.
TRANSDUCER (piezoelectric stimulator)
It is built in the lower part of the pole and consists of piezoelectric ceramics stressed in an insulating container, which is combined with simple and completely reliable loading system. A high-voltage cable running along the interior of the pole connects the simulators to the emitter point.
It uses Piezoelectric ceramics & stimulation technology. It also offers
Reduction of corona effect excitation time and lowering of the breakdown potential.
The increase of the local electric field.
The presence of a seed electron at the capture point (electron that is rare in the atmosphere and indispensable to the excitation process).
The creation of rising ionised air channel (Up streamer) in the prolongation of the lightning conductor.
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